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General information about open forest data



The Finnish Forest Centre is responsible for collecting and sharing information about Finnish forests. The majority of the data collected by the Finnish Forest Centre is openly available in digital format under the act on the forest data system of the Finnish Forest Centre (66/2018). The database maintained by the Finnish Forest Centre contains information about, for example, the forest site types, growing stock, habitats of special importance and use of forests.

Open forest data is available through three different channels: map services, file packages based on spatial data, and data interfaces. The open data available through the map services cannot be viewed directly on a browser window; other applications are also required to access the data.

The file packages are based on spatial data collected from predetermined areas. The user can upload these packages on their personal computer and access them using applicable software. The data interfaces enable accessing the database using a technical connection.

No personal data or contact details of forest owners are disclosed in connection with open forest data available through the Metsää website. If a data user intends to link open forest data with forest owner data, they must ensure compliance with all obligations concerning the protection of personal data.

It is also possible to submit forest data to the Finnish Forest Centre in order to update or supplement data held by the Finnish Forest Centre. Further information about submitting forest data is available from frequently asked questions (available in Finnish; the English translation is pending).

The Finnish Forest Centre publishes its open materials under the Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0 licence (CC BY 4.0). The materials subject to this licence may be freely used for any purposes, provided that the data source is given appropriate credit.

Description of open forest data (PDF).